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System Requirements (Current Version: ) - Windows XP, Vista or 7 - Common: Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, Photoshop Elements 4 or later.

This article helps you troubleshoot battery life issues on your iPad You may have battery issues if:. You can improve battery life by adjusting the power settings on your iPad.

How to Improve iPad Air Battery Life to Get More Juice out of Your iPad Air

Some apps continue to run in the background after you exit them. Sprint recommends that you close background applications when you're not using them. There may be a software update that improves battery life on your iPad.

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Check for software updates. You risk severe damage to your iPad if the charger isn't the same voltage, amps, and plug type as your original charger. You can purchase compatible chargers at any Apple Store. This article helps you troubleshoot battery life issues on your iPad You may have battery issues if: Your Apple iPad Air 2 consistently displays a low charge The battery drains quickly Try each of these steps to see if it helps your charge last longer.

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Change the power settings. Close background applications.

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  • How long is the iPad Air 2 battery life?.
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Verify that your iPad is running the most recent software. Perform a soft reset. With the move from featurephones to smartphones, battery life has been and continues to be a critical issue. While tablets seem to have a much easier time achieving high levels of battery life by virtue of massively increased volume, they still face similar issues as they are often used for gaming or other more intensive workloads that a smartphone is unlikely to see nearly as often.

How long is the iPad Air 2 battery life? | The iPad Guide

In order to test this, we run our tablets through a standard suite of tests of various use cases. In all cases where the display is on, all displays are calibrated to a brightness of nits to draw useful relative comparisons.

Apple took the perfect tablet and somehow made it even better

In our first test, we see that the iPad Air 2 is about roughly equivalent to the original iPad Air for WiFi web browsing. This would mean that we would expect the iPad Air 2 to get around 8. This difference is likely to be explained by the much higher bandwidth available in WiFi when compared to LTE.

As one can see, the iPad Air 2 is one of the best performers on this test, considering its frame rate and runtime. It's important to note that the iPad Air 2 is running at a higher native resolution here, so relative to SHIELD Tablet a scaling factor needs to be estimated in order to get an idea for performance at the same resolution. During this test I saw that the skin temperatures never exceeded 45C, so this isn't the result of Apple choosing to run the device hotter than most.

iPad Air 2 review

While tablets deliver some great battery life in general, charge time tends to be much slower than that of smartphones as the battery is much larger and charging the device isn't as time critical due to the longer battery life. While we can't quite cover the full range of battery life uses cases, it's important to remember that in cases where the platform is otherwise identical beyond display that battery life scales linearly with overall capacity.

As one can see, the smaller battery seems to have a noticeable impact on charge time, although the difference isn't really all that notable as the difference is only around ten minutes at the end of the day. Final Words.