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In this article, we will offer an instruction which could be the most comprehensive guide to troubleshot iPhone sire not working problem.

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We just want to offer as more solutions as possible so the article may be pretty long. Keep patient and find out what can help. First of all, you should confirm Siri can be used on your device. For now, Apple allows Siri be available for the following iOS devices —. If you use any other iOS device model, for example an iPhone 4, then Siri won't talk on it. If your device is in the scope, then go on reading the article.

If you don't turn on Siri on iPhone, then of course Siri is not talking. Don't think this is impossible - sometimes this circumstance just happens.

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If it is disabled, just turn it on. If it has been turned on, just turn it off and then re-turn it on. Siri not talking back may be caused by iPhone microphone errors.

How to fix iPhone Microphone not Working (Step by Step)

If it cannot pick up your voice, then of course it won't give any response. Just confirm whether your microphone works by recording an audio or voice memo.

Shortcut 2: Use Siri

It your iPhone microphone cannot detect your voice, try the following steps:. We all know that Siri may not take what you said when you spoke to it at the first time. But if you speak more and more, then Siri learns more and recognize your voice better. I drive a lot, and now, with this problem, I have to choose the music, Artist or Album before that I wan't to listen at my car stereo receiver connected to my iPhone by Bluetooth, before start my drive, and if the choice I've maid, finish playing, or if I want to change to something different to listen or call someone, I have to stop my car to do it.

Because or I have my hands on the driving wheel or I am using a phone, and or I'm looking to the road or I am looking to a phone,.

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I really need to know if this voice control problem is a bug of the IOS Oct 29, 4: Siri is not available in all languages, accents and dialects. Voice Control as more languages to be used.

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The accents of those two variations of Portuguese are significant, and Siri does not understand almost everything I say. After iOS 11 upgrade, Voice Control, that is available in Portuguese from Portugal since the beginning of this feature, only tried to match Portuguese words to the available commands. For the names of contacts, music, albums or artists, voice control just tried to find similar spelling words at the corresponding iPhone Contacts or Music Databases.

How to Use Voice Control on iPhone and iPod touch

Not only because that depends of an internet connection, but also because Siri always try to match what you say to a word that exists on the dictionary related to the previous Siri's language chosen, so will never find other languages names or words spoked. Only if, on a future iOS fix, Apple makes Siri an hybrid of the traditional Siri with Voice Control, to work as Voice Control when no internet connection available and when you ask for something that is on your iPhone internal databases, as contacts or music library, instead of trying to find a match to the chosen language dictionary goes straight to a possible match to the words or names of those internal databases.

Oct 29, 6: Nov 17, Nov 18, Here are all possible fixes that might solve this issue. Refer to the guide given below. The little microphone icon is grayed out, when you try to dictate something in Messages app. There are many reasons behind this issue. We have covered almost every single reason along with their solution.

Shortcut: The Home Button

Dictation — simple though it seems -is actually a Siri-like service which accesses the Apple servers to transcode what you speak. Now you might understand, that it require lots of resources along with internet bandwidth to use dictation feature. So, make sure you have a decent internet connection before attempting to use dictation feature. Double tap home button, and clear all the apps that are running in background. By doing so, your iPhone will clear the memory usage. By force restarting, your device will clear all the temporary cache files, giving more resources to dictation feature.

Sometimes, we might try every technical process, while only a simple mistake could be bothering us.

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Check for dictation settings before coming to any conclusion. This will reset the network connection. If there is any network problem, this might solve it.