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Just drag and drop these ringtones into iTunes and then make sure your iPhone settings are set to copy them to your iPhone automatically. For your information, we also list 5 free iPhone ringtones apps.

iOS7: Five of the best ringtones

With these free apps, you can create ringtones. You should note that most of these apps contain ads and some of them have difficult-to-use interfaces. Keep in mind that although these apps are free, you'll still need to pay to download songs from iTunes. It is silvery without any noise.

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If you prefer clean music as your ringtone from the loved ones, you can try it on your iPhone. Well, it the gay music style to help you relax yourself. I'm sure lots of people have been familiar with it since it is very popular. If you love animals and are fond of their sound, you should fall in love with this free ringtone.

Rain Drops

It is the beautiful sound from a canary. It is a very sexy male voice, which emits energy when someone calls you.

Top 5 Websites to Download Free Ringtone for iPhone

You can use it as the ringtone of your family members' coming calls. It is a romantic iPhone ringtone with lilts. It can clean up your pressure when it rings up. Try it on your device for a change. It has rhythm sensation with beautiful sound.

Top 10 Free iPhone Ringtones to Download, Plus the Free iPhone Ringtones Apps

If you prefer sense of rhythm, go to have it on your iPhone. If you prefer sexy style, this ringtone would be your best choice. Each time it rings, you could be infected to dance with the hot female voice. Well, it is really a pleasant free ringstone. Wait is over for iPhone fans.

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Best iPhone Remix Ringtones [Download Links]

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 20 February Five of the best ringtones On the launch on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c The Telegraph picks out some of the top new ringtones available.

Websites to Download Free Ringtones for iPhone 6s/7/8/8 Plus/X

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